Phyno Coffee

Ganoderma  Extract

The Highest Grade Of Phycocyanin is Used in Phyno Coffee

Phycocyanin is  a  blue,   water-soluble   pigment extracted from  Blue Algae. Spirulina.  Its    also    one    of    the   rare   naturally     occurring  pigment  proteins   in     nature .Phyno Coffee  was  the  most  nutritional  Ganoderma  Extract  as  an ingredients.

Phyno Coffee is a latte style coffee produced by DE-OCEAN INTERNATIONAL featuring Colombian Arabica & Indonesian Robusta coffee beans. Phyno Coffee is also enriched with exclusive ingredients such as the exquisite Cyanobacteria Protein and Red Ganoderma as golden ingredients to boost health. Experience both health and happiness in a cup of Phyno Coffee!