De-Fit 360°

De-Fit 360°

Pea Protein with Rose Powder

The All New Meal Replacement Formula

Create For You A Slim Physique & Healthy Body

Developed with the basis of scientific research, De-Fit 360° is an all-new meal replacement formula specially designed to cater for people of this modern age. When it comes to the topic of meal replacement products, many people tend to wonder: “What is a meal replacement product?” Meal replacement products, in the literal sense, refers to modified foods that are used to replace one or more meals out of three meals a day. Nutrient content of a certified meal replacement product can generally meet the needs of the human body, and at the same time helps to control calorie intake to achieve body shape maintenance and weight loss effects. Moreover, this body slimming method has obtained recognition by the International Nutrition Society.

DE-FIT 360° Complete and Enriched Nutrition Formulation:

  1. Rose Petal Powder
  2. Pea Protein
  3. Soy Lecithin
  4. MCT Oil
  5. Multivitamin
  6. Multimineral
  7. Amino Acid