Bio-Pro G


BIO PRO-G “Proteoglycan” has a sugar content of more than 95%, so it is a protein-containing polysaccharide, which is composed of glycosaminoglycan chains and polyglycos amino glycans. In short, the proteoglycans in “Protein” refers to protein, and “glycan” refers to polysaccharides.


In addition to the rich proteoglycan, it is also combined with hydrolyzed collagen peptides, lotus seed stem cells and beet roots, so that we not only maintain youth on the outside, but also make our joints full of vitality.

Everyone lives on the same earth. Why do some people age more slowly than themselves?

The causes of skin aging can be roughly divided into internal and external factors. Intrinsic factors include genetics, while most of the external factors are preventable, such as long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun and smoking. Especially in the sun, it is the skin’s worst enemy, Long-term ultraviolet radiation can cause many skin problems, such as sun damage, dark spots and pigment problems, and skin aging It can also cause skin cancer, and so on.

Melanin protects the skin from UV damage. Fair skin has relatively less melanin, and sun damage is more obvious,  But with the increase of age and long-term UV exposure, people with more melanin will face more spots. In post-menopausal women, due to a series of physiological changes caused by the decline in the level of estrogen in the body, the skin ages faster…

In addition to the skin that makes us look old and lose self-confidence, there is also a partial degradation that makes us tortured and painful. This is our “joint”. How old are your joints this year? In the past, degenerative arthritis was regarded as a disease of middle-aged and elderly people. However, in recent years, it has been clinically found that more and more people suffer from joint pain and soreness at a young age. Suffering. Orthopedics believe that this is closely related to the four bad habits in life that accelerate joint aging!

Degenerative arthritis refers to the wear of articular cartilage under long-term gravity, the thickening of subchondral hard bones, joint deformation and loss of elasticity , And inflammation of the joints occurs, resulting in restricted activities, affecting daily life. Among clinical patients, degenerative knee arthritis is the most common. Patients are often unable to squat or go up and down stairs due to joint pain and deformation. As long as they move or stand for too long, they will immediately feel pain and weakness in their knees. Suffering beyond words.

However, in recent years, it has been clinically discovered that modern people generally have a tendency of premature aging of joints. Many young and middle-aged people often complain of joint pain and knee weakness before the age of 40. Exactly, what is the reason for these people’s “joint aging clock” to turn quickly? The following is a summary of the following four bad habits, calling on the people to establish the correct concept to enjoy the “off” of health.

How did our good joints get damaged?

Bad Habit 1- Lack of moderate exercise

  • Some people have the misconception that the more exercise the knee is, the easier it is to wear. In fact, it’s just like a car has been driven for a long time, the parts will wear out, but don’t forget that the car has not been driven for a long time, but the engine will not even start! Many studies have shown that marathon runners are the most overloaded people in the world, but compared to ordinary people, they are less prone to joint degeneration. The main key lies in stable lower limb muscle strength, especially thigh muscle strength. .As for what sport to choose? The most important thing is to do what you can. Patients with knee joint degeneration must choose exercise items according to their own physical conditions and pain conditions, and on the principle of not exacerbating pain. For the elderly, gentler exercises such as walking, cycling, swimming, Tai Chi or aerobic gymnastics are recommended.

Bad Habit 2-Letting Go Out of Control

  •  According to statistics, obese patients with a BMI of more than 30 are 7 times more likely to develop degenerative arthritis. The knee joint is subjected to several times the strength of the body weight for activities every day. If the knee joint is overweight and does not have good muscle support, it will easily wear out. Biomechanical studies have shown that when we stand, the knee joint bears a weight almost equivalent to our body weight. It is 4 times our body weight when walking on flat ground, 7 times our body weight when climbing, and 15 times our actual body weight when jumping. Therefore, every time an overweight person loses 5 kg, the burden on the knee joint is reduced by 20 kg when walking, and the load can be reduced by up to 75 kg when jumping! In addition, studies have also shown that patients with knee joint degeneration can reduce knee pain by more than half if they lose 15 pounds (about 7 kg). It can be seen that “weight control” is definitely one of the most important tricks to delay knee joint degeneration!


Bad habit 3-addicted to sugary diet

  • Excessive intake of sugars and starches is finally converted into fat and stored in the body. Moreover, after intake of sugars, blood insulin will rise rapidly. Not only will these sugars be converted into oil and stored in the liver and fat cells, but also Make the next meal more likely to be hungry, forming a vicious circle and ultimately leading to obesity. In addition, carbohydrates are a kind of pro-inflammatory substances in the body, which can easily make the already inflamed joints worse. It can be seen that to control weight, control the intake of sugar and starch is far more important than the control of fat intake. In this regard, it is recommended: intake enough meat protein, vegetables, nut seeds and some fruits, a small amount of starch, and not eat refined sugar.


Bad Habit 4-Ignore Joint Damage

  • It is not sports that may cause joint degradation, but sports injuries! Most athletes with early degeneration of joints have a history of sports injuries. Therefore, it is recommended that the public should deal with sports injuries as soon as possible. After proper rest and protection, and receiving correct treatment, the chances of sequelae can be minimized. To the lowest. In addition, other joint injuries such as intra-articular fractures caused by car accidents, falls, and ligament and tendon injuries may also accelerate joint degeneration. People should not be negligent and should cooperate with doctors for proper treatment and rehabilitation.