About Us

Company Origin

DE-OCEAN INTERNATIONAL is located in the state of Penang; which has been honoured with the title of Oriental Garden and is the third largest city in Malaysia. Its predecessor, NCP International, has 17 years of experience in health products. In recent years, De-Ocean International was established thanks to the influx of talents in various fields, symbolising the group’s ambition to expand into international business. Our team consists of a group of marketing elites who have been in the healthcare business for more than 20 years. Armed with new materials and advanced product formulas, we hope to break into the blue ocean market and develop rapidly.

Core Tenets

– DE-OCEAN INTERNATIONAL is people-oriented and prioritises the sanctity of life.
– DE-OCEAN INTERNATIONAL spares no effort in developing its reputation through trustworthy products.
– DE-OCEAN INTERNATIONAL is committed to building societies healthy in body and mind.


DE-OCEAN INTERNATIONAL regards the whole world as one family, regardless of factors such as nationality, skin colour, ethnic group or others. Our company aims to help our customers and their family achieve their dreams.


Towards Asia and the World.


To always uphold the spirit of professionalism.
To provide customers with professional and personalised health management solutions through health awareness training.
To treat every person as a unique individual.
To handle each case judiciously and serve clients with professionalism and sincerity.
To maximise the benefits of technology.
To professionally and rationally pursue the benefits of new technologies for health products. To lead customers to a higher level of health awareness and benefit every household through the introduction of unique products.

Our Three Pillars of Operational Excellence

Quality, Efficiency, and Teamwork.

Team members unite to work towards common goals and create a new era together.

Like a ship that breaks through raging waves, we never stop moving forwards in the journey of life and advance with enthusiasm.

De-Ocean Spirit
Like the ocean, we contain multitudes, including the adventurous soul to brave tides, the bold spirit to battle winds and waves, the courage to throw everything behind our projects, and the tenacious will to never give up.