About Us

Company Origin

DE-OCEAN INTERNATIONAL is based in Penang, often known as “The Pearl of the Orient ” and one of the three main cities in Malaysia.  DE-OCEAN INTERNATIONAL is preceded by NCP International, with an accumulation of nearly 20 years experience specializing in health  supplements. NCP International specializes in product development, import and export of health supplements, brand development and raw  material distribution. With such abundant history, our group has a large network and customer base in all parts of Malaysia as well as Indonesia.

Our valuable experience accumulated in the healthcare market has empowered us to advance confidently in the path of product development.  With our emphasis on product quality, we have launched a range of high-quality products that have obtained recognition and appreciation in the  market.

DE-OCEAN INTERNATIONAL came into existence thanks to the influx of talents from multiple industries in recent years. The establishment of the  group also symbolizes our ambition to expand our business internationally. Our company comprises an elite marketing group with more than 20  years of experience in the healthcare market with a main goal – to penetrate the blue ocean market with rapid development through our exclusive,  innovative and state-of-the-art products.

Three Pillars of Operational Excellence

  1. Quality, Efficiency and Team Spirit :United to achieve a common goal and create a new era together.
  2. Fearlessness :Like a ship that breaks through raging waves, forever moving  forward in the journey of live, advancing with enthusiasm.
  3. De-Ocean Spirit:Facing the vast ocean full of resistance, our adventurous souls  empower us to brave the tides, giving us courage to battle  strong winds and rough waves with tenacity.


Towards Asia And  The Global Market

Early Vision : Establishing a firm foundation in the Malaysian market within 3 years

Ultimate Vision : Expanding beyond the Malaysia market, advancing towards Asia  and the global market.


  • People-oriented and  prioritises the sanctity of life
  • Put all efforts in developing its  reputation through trustworthy  products.
  • Committed to develop a  society with healthy body  and mind.


To always uphold the spirit of professionalism.
To provide customers with professional and personalised health management solutions through health awareness training.
To treat every person as a unique individual.
To handle each case judiciously and serve clients with professionalism and sincerity.
To maximise the benefits of technology.
To professionally and rationally pursue the benefits of new technologies for health products. To lead customers to a higher level of health awareness and benefit every household through the introduction of unique products.