DE-OCEAN INTERNATIONAL originates from the state of Penang which is called the Pearl of the East in Malaysia (it is also one of the three major cities in Malaysia).

DE-OCEAN INTERNATIONAL was preceded by NCP International which has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of health products. NCP International specializes in product development, import and export of health products, brand expansion, and wholesale of raw materials. With a history of nearly 20 years, our group has amassed a number of networks and customers in Malaysia as well as Indonesia.

Bio-Ion 7
Super concentration
Phyno Coffee
Ganoderma & Phycocyanin  Extract
5-in-1 Healthy and Delicious Coffee
Phyno Classic

Ganoderma & Phycocyanin  Extract

Bio Pro-G

Japanese Salmon Proteoglycan

Bio Blu-D
Build A Stronger
Self-healing Effect
Harmoni Active

Endocrine Conditioning, Healthier Cells

De-Fit 360°

Endocrine Conditioning, Healthier Cells

The All New Meal Replacement Formula

N-O Plus

Apple Passion Fruit Beverage with FitNox & Lipophytol

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